2014 m. rugpjūčio 31 d., sekmadienis

New paintings of Master's Degrees

What is the loneliness for all of us and for every single? How to live with her? How to survive? What She "feeds" and what forms turns in? These and similar questions formed the beginning of painting cycle. From the public alienation to the individual sense of loneliness paintings were changing their forms. "Loss of self 'is the last remaining and intact job title.

Dreams and visions become a key – a lonely individual life satisfaction. Emotions transform into images and subconscious created fictional views, but very strong connections as in real life. Consciousness merges with the subconscious that becomes – sick suffering.

 Impoverished Ego object, that lost interest in the outside world, in the minds creates a new fancy, attractive life, in which can express as an exciting, intelligent, loving personality, i.e., able to communicate and live as it would like in a real space. In order to compensate the loss of inferior life and desire to live the object is forced to move into "unreal world of images." That compensates the loss of love and lost object. Also creates an artificial reality where is love of self, the world, love for people, etc.  The object becomes doubled, living in two or more lives, i.e., express itself not in real, but in just created the reality of the world. Like that run from loneliness that hurts – it’s like a rebellion, longing, emptiness, panic and selfishness and self-condemnation. The individual condemns itself in the world of the people but releases itself in realms of visions and dreams.

Loneliness – is not a blessing but rather killing roommate that can overcome you at any moment. It will be placed the dot then.  It is like the devil incarnated, the specter preventing from function – only existing into meaninglessness, trembling, fighting, searching. There are no dreams, no faith, no love. The wound which, if untreated, is expanding and bleeding. Whether a man is by nature inclined to suffer?

Work metrics:
1.       Rasa Vilcinskaite, “Loss of self”, 160 x 120 cm, oil canvas, 2014;
2.       Rasa Vilcinskaite, “Loss of self”, 160 x 120 cm, oil canvas, 2014;
3.       Rasa Vilcinskaite, “Distorted reality”, 125 x 88 cm, oil canvas, 2014;
4.       Rasa Vilcinskaite, “ Distorted reality“, 115 x 90 cm, oil canvas, 2014;
5.       Rasa Vilcinskaite, “ Distorted reality“, 80 x 40 cm, oil canvas, 2014.