2013 m. spalio 13 d., sekmadienis

Something special for Christmas

I found a variety of wonderful items to decorate and keep you and your home during the hottest Christmas. Admire, come and buy yourself, and home.

My best friend and a wonderful mother's Uniquemaking jewelry shop. This necklace is so brightly and unique perfect for Christmas party.
The second one really lovely Christmas decoration by Virginija and Dovilė.

Brilliant rope crochet necklace. Looks like Christmas tree. One of my favorite. By CupofColor.


New beautiful and unitary Christmas toy by Daiva.


Some amazing button with Christmas colors by Indre.


It is amazing technique. Light, cozy and perfect gift for family member's, boyfriend or you lovely friends. By Agne Audejiene.


Perfect gift for your kids. Amazing handmade bear's by Simona.

Do you want to be the most beautiful lady in the Christmas event, so it is your time. Take it as soon as you can. By Birute.


And the last unique and handmade silk scarf by Daiva ir Egle.

This week end. More beautiful Christmas things i will post next week:) Have a great week:) With love by RasaVilJewelry.

2013 m. spalio 6 d., sekmadienis

My new leather necklace-pendant

Its is my new jewelry line, began with natural and unnatural leather with seed beads and metal. Enjoy:)

Went to Japan

My mother's cashmere wool knitted long socks went to Japan. Thank you so much Hiroyuki Okazaki.

New headband

New headband for cashmere wool. Enjoy:)