2015 m. vasario 23 d., pirmadienis

Extreme photoshoot

It was really extreme day with Elvina Janušonyte, Diana Vareikaite and Brigita Pruskaite. Photo session was planned and done very spontaneously. The whole day went really interesting. We did not get the place where the scheduled to be photographed. Then our model was only a dress pose outdoors, but after all, is only the end of the winter. At first photographed necklaces when we finished them in any way we can not found the place where and how to shoot anklets. Sunny day came to end. So we decided to move into the house where a few shots realized that nothing good. Unfortunately, but anklets left unable to take a good pictures. So we decided stop working today. But my friend photographer Elvina after working hard she sent pictures. Which is really good, compared to the difficulties encountered. So rapid, not well-planned and impulsive photo session, here's what happened. It was really fun to see yourself in this situation and see the finished work, which I really like, I figured it out now. Thanks to the whole team, it was a great day.

Thank you for watching !! By RasaVilJewelry
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