2013 m. rugsėjo 22 d., sekmadienis

Bachelor paintings

My first work with this theme.

Bachelor thesis theme was inspired by the old stuff, which are sold collectors fairs. I wanted to pictorially depict the situation and the state of weightlessness, where the articles are stiff, and the whole world revolves around them at breathtaking speed. It is here - antique fairs, things start getting your new, ceaseless travel Wheel of time. 

My second one.

I paint objects at one stage of their existence, the life period has ended and they are waiting at the start of a new phase state. It is the exchange of the masters, and their changing environment might function, the function of life expectancy. I am talking about things time travel, things that do not belong to us. They kind of have their own separate lives, their memories and appearance. Painted the well-stocked environment snippet or a separate object rising up from the jam-packed environment, which plays appear in the background blur. The process of its own interpretation of combinations of colors, contrast, space games, in an effort to extract a sense of space arranging the order of items in the first and secondary plans. Interpretations with colors, objects, surfaces enclosing fantastical, magical elements. Cleanliness, aesthetics, bright color deceives the viewer's eye, and things wrap themselves in a new, modern sheath. In this way, the color of improvisation gives my items today painting image. While painting them in their own way have tried to understand and convey the materiality of items. My work has also been an important status and items which I wanted to preserve the authentic position of objects: it is someone else's unconscious, impulsive, harmonizing colors and sizes arranged things I pressed a composition of complex objects, which I painted focused on the subtle details of the play. Not Illustrative feelings, travel nostalgia, loss, and the excitement of discovery, things are cleansed of emotional, they are stiff, permeated by silence. It is here - antique fairs, things start getting your new, ceaseless travel time around.

Photo realism Painting chosen genre, which accurately recreates the banal, everyday human environment and its objects. All work is carried out in oil.

My last one of Bachelor works.

Exhibition 2013 05 22

Work Process

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