Soutache Jewelry

RasaVilJewelry soutache necklace. RasaVilJewelry - Rasa Vilcinskaite photograph.


You may already know a few years ago have started gaining popularity new accessories technique - soutache. This is a very unique technique, was born in France, Art Mother country.

Soutache (in French soutache) - string of cross crossbones colored yarn, used clothing for decoration. It was used to hide the seams. Women's clothes for decoration and decoration of military uniforms. Soutache technique originated in France in the XIV century. This technique has been used not only for decoration of clothing, but also for jewelry. The development of this technique has contributed Dutch, thus resulted technique similar to the Russian ribbon weave. Tech went through many historical events, until it became an independent art direction. XIX - XX soutache technique was forgotten and used to decorate the theater costumes. Soutache stripes come in different colors, mostly made ​​from natural materials of silk and wool. Also, synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers such as rayon, are also used to strands of metallic silver and gold. Soutache technique embroidered clothing can be found all over the world in Russia, West Africa, Morocco, Mexico the Mariachi musicians decorate clothes.

RasaVilJewelry soutache necklace. Photograph bu Elvina Janusonyte

XX century. the second life of soutacho technique raised the Israeli designer Michal Negrin. Designer soutache technique used by creating jewelery. Soutache technique widely famed jewelery Dori Csengeri fashion houses. Since 1997, the famous Israeli designer Dori Csengeri and Rina Mor forced the world to accept the fact that there is a new trend in jewelry. Soutache technique revival blossomed in the current time and is very classy. This technique produced various ornaments and accessories: necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelets, belts, bags, fans, etc.. Each product is unique because it is unitary. Jewelry making process is painstaking work with soutache string, precious and semi-precious stones, beads and beads.

RasaVilJewelry soutache set, earrings with necklace. Photograph by Elvina Janusonyte

RasaVilJewelry earrings with bracelet. Photograph by Elvina Janusonyte

RasaVilJewelry soutache pendant. Photograph by Elvina Janusonyte.

These articles are unique because never not to repeat the same second necklace, brooch or bracelet. As soon as started making jewelry of soutacho favorites were earrings. This is a very painstaking and time-consuming activity. Strip to strip small-scale sewing needle. Later I started to do brooch, especially for my mom. Now, bracelets and sets. Also, the neck jewelry. I only started in mid-2011, it is now can not live without it. Every day I think, something new to do. As more fully apply soutache? At first, I did just for myself, but for some time where my jewelry freely available to the world.

RasaVilJewelry soutache earrings. Photograph by Elvina Janusonyte

RasaVilJewelry Soutache set: Earrings and brooch. Photograpg by Elvina Janusonyte

RasaVilJewelry soutache necklace. Photograph bu Elvina Janusonyte

RasaVilJewelry soutache necklace. Photograph bu Elvina Janusonyte

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