2013 m. rugsėjo 18 d., trečiadienis

This is only the beginning

Hello everyone. I am a young, growing up artist, modern and optimistic looking towards life. I'm interested in everything that gives peace of mind, spreads good and positive predisposes life. This is what is beautiful and good, what does not disrupt and hurt me. Seems I live easy? :) Sometimes happens everything. Work, study, love sometimes add to the complex vortex of life of all that is the way to go. A great way to relax, to forget and even to improve myself, to leave out of this life created to which we are all screwed. This is your lovely, interesting and lucrative business. There are so many things which we do not know about which we have heard but did not try ever. There are so many ways of training, just need to find them according to ourselves or to try out what you never tried in your life that you could say - I know what it is.
        I'm still just looking for the same slowly but there's no rush. Life brings us incomprehensible speed. We can not fall behind otherwise it will be too late: someone could say it and maybe even the same as would feel but find yourself is never to late. Attend a niche that you want to give us sensations that make us glad, bring profits. Drawing, music, dancing, collecting, reading books, machinery, etc. It may be all you want it.
         I'm Rasa, who grew up in a small town - Elektrėnai. Arrived to live in Kaunas. I went long way, sacrificed a few years to replace a number of places but I found the area where I feel really good. It seemed like the world lit up in different colors. Well clear before it was great love but nothing is permanent. As a result we cannot stop but always keep going forward, every day step by step only forward. Now, I am a master's student in the course of painting ADT - KDF . I realized that I stayed too long in one area. Of course, art is wide:) Excel and search you can long long time. The time has come when I decided to do something new, something different what is different from my previous activities that I have tried. The most important thing to beat yourself to climb and never stop. I hope I will succeed and if that happens, it works for everyone. Without desires, will and persistence the sun becomes not shinning. Believe me, I know what I'm saying. That it would be easy to do as write and think about it thinks probably. And you do not need to take any medicines or vitamins just need to love yourself and go for more complex manner.

So arts - painting, jewelry has now become my life. Also my family that I love very much will always occupy a considerable place. In this my blog I want to share with you my creations, sent items, exhibitions and obtain the results. With love Rasa Vilčinskaitė - RasaVilJewelry